Ivybuild Limited Services

Based in Maldon, Essex, Ivybuild have been servicing the local community and the rest of the nation for 25 years. We are a one-stop shop building solution.
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Design & Planning

Ivybuild’s precise design and planning safeguards the high standards we set ourselves for every job. Our meticulous research allows for a greater understanding of our clients’ requirements.
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Commercial & Social Housing 

Our commercial and social housing work is all conducted under the latest regulations and code compliances, ultimately improving and enabling self-sufficiency in the household and the office.
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Planned or preventative, we have a dedicated department to assist your repairs. Our expertly trained engineers and tradesman are primed to maintain, service and repair. 
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Whether the work is a one-off bespoke home or a small development, Ivybuild’s commitment remains the same carrying out the work to every specification the client desires.