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About us

Ivybuild was formed in 1992 by its managing director, Martin Lee. Since that time the company has been involved in a broad range of areas within the industry. In the early years following formation the majority of work tended to come from the industrial, commercial refurbishment and new build sectors. 

The company has now gained an excellent reputation for quality and service, helping to broaden its sphere of operations into office, retail, refurbishment, fit-out and social housing markets. As a company we pride ourselves on the quality of both workmanship and the service it provides. 
With a quarter of a century worth of experience, Ivybuild’s razor-sharp yet subtle service transcends the competition. 

Each job is treated with the utmost care and respect however big or small, ensuring a positive and professional culmination of works.

Ivybuild’s combination of skilled craftsmanship and innovative industry-leading techniques promises a flawless finish to your project, every time.

Ivybuild is part of numerous construction organisations such as Construction Line / Considerate Construction / NHBC and CITB. We have also won Gold / Silver and Bronze for National Company Award at the yearly Considerate Construction award ceremony 5 years in a row now, and plan to keeping winning them for many years to come.
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